“The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part series that brings to life British band, Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all it’s goodness, oddness and wonder.”

Introduction – The Dead Club Podcast Trailer 

The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part podcast series that brings to life British band Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all its goodness, oddness and wonder.

Episode 1 – The Dead Club Podcast with Max Porter

Max Porter is a highly acclaimed British writer whose book, ‘Grief is The Thing With Feathers‘ was one of the main inspirations for this project and who has written two prose pieces for the Dead Club album. Max and Sam spoke about death, grief and religion in Becky’s flat in London with only brief interruptions from her cat.

Episode 2 – The Dead Club Podcast with Dame Professor Sue Black 

Dame Professor Sue Black is an eminent British forensic anthropologist who has led forensic teams identifying human remains in the aftermath of war and natural disaster all over the world. Becky spoke to her about her experiences investigating war crimes in Kosovo, and her lack of fear about her own death.

Episode 3 – The Dead Club Podcast with Derren Brown 

Derren Brown is a world renowned entertainer, writer and ‘mentalist’ whose mind expanding performances frequently encourage audiences to discard superstition in favour of rational truth. In this episode, Derren speaks to Sam about belief, existence, the strange nature of time and the varying and often surprising ways in which other cultures approach the death of a loved one. Sam got in touch with Derren after reading his book ‘Happy’, an exploration of Stoic philosophy and (in Sam’s words) ‘a kind of manual for living’ with a large section devoted to the vital and yet often ignored question of how we might face death and dying. 

Episode 4 – The Dead Club Podcast with Kevin Young

Kevin Young is an award winning poet, and writer, and is the Poetry editor of The New Yorker. He is also Director of the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture in New York. Becky’s conversation with Kevin touched on his own personal experience of grief and the ways that we draw on art, poetry and music to bring comfort when times are challenging.

Episode 5 – The Dead Club Podcast with AC Grayling 

AC Grayling is a British philosopher and author and Master of the New College of the Humanities in London. Sam and Becky met him in his London office and heard about his experience of bereavement and his attitude to the death penalty among other things.

Episode 6 –  The Dead Club Podcast with Kathryn Mannix 

Kathryn Mannix is a British author and palliative care physician, who has spent her medical career working with people who have incurable, advanced illnesses. Sam met her in her Northumberland home where they drank copious amounts of tea and discussed Kathryn’s work and how to have difficult conversations with loved ones around the sensitive subjects of death and dying.

Episode 7- The Dead Club Podcast with Alain De Botton

Alain De Botton is a Swiss born British philosopher and author, whose books discuss various contemporary subjects and themes, emphasising philosophy’s vital relevance to everyday life.  He is the founder of The School of Life, an organisation helping people to live happier lives through philosophy and self knowledge. He invited us to his home in London where we spoke about the modern day challenge of facing death in the absence of the religious certainties of the past.

Episode 8 – The Dead Club Podcast with Speech Debelle 

Speech Debelle is a long time friend and collaborator with Mike Lindsay from Tunng who produced tracks on her 2009 debut album, ‘Speech Therapy‘ which went on to win the Mercury Music Prize. Speech spoke very honestly and openly about her own experiences of grief in the wake of the very recent death of her brother Delroy.  

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